The race will follow the rules and regulations of the Spanish Triathlon Federation’s Official Competition Regulations.

Translation into English in progress :-).

These rules are controlled by Officials from Galicia’s Triathlon Federation.

No DRAFTING. During all the cycling section, drafting is forbidden as well as any blocking that hinders surpassing by other triathletes, being motive for penalization.

It is not allowed to use the drafting of any other triathlete or vehicle during cycling. It is considered that a triathlete is infringing this norm when he/she is within a distance of 10m of length by 3m of width for open competitions or age groups and 12m long and 3m wide for elite competitors, taking as reference the front wheel of the bike. This area is known as “drafting area”. A triathlete may enter that area to pass the triathlete that proceeds. Such move must be done within 15 seconds. If this time has elapsed and passing has not been produced, the triathlete has infringed the non-drafting rule.

More extended info can be found in the FETRI’s triathlon regulation.