Friday, 30th of August 2019

At 8pm a briefing meeting will be held to explain all the schedule and event rules as well as credential assignment.

Venue: Ciudad de Vigo Hotel.

Concepción Arenal, 5 CP 36208

Phone: +34 986 22 78 20

Saturday, 31st of August 2019

Swimmers participating will meet at 7.15am in the parking lot of Vao Beach. From there, buses will depart at 7.30am to take swimmers to Vigo’s Port for transport to the NAVIERA MAR DE ONS’s ship.

Swimmers and families lodged in the partnership hotels will be allowed to go directly to the Port’s dock.

Boarding starts at 8.30am.

Please be there 15-30 minutes prior to boarding.

The boat will depart from Vigo at 9am to be around 9.45 in Cíes’ Dock so that swimmers can have enough time to prepare themselves.

Start from Cíes Islands (Rodas Beach) at 10am 

Such finish line will be appropriately indicated and participants must pass the timing mat.


  • 7.15am Swimmer’s meeting point at Vao Beach’s Parking lot.
  • 7.30am Buses departure to the Port.
  • 8.15am Grouping with rest of participants lodged at partnership hotels.
  • 9.00am Departure of Naviera Mar de Ons’s Boat.
  • 9.45am Arrival at Island.
  • 10.00am  – Start Race Slower group
  • 10.20 –  Start Group Medium 2
  • 10.40 –  Start Group Medium 1
  • 11.00 –   Start Fast Group
  • 11.15 Return of Boat from Cíes to Vigo with swimmers’ companions.

In this way, finishers will arrive between 1.30pm and 2.30pm approx.

The food for swimmers is scheduled to start at 14.30 in the tent enabled inside the facilities of the stadium of CORUXO F.C.


Once the event is finished, there are buses scheduled to return to Hotel



  • Slow Group Start: 10.00
  • Medium Group 2 Start: 10.20
  • Medium Group 1 Start: 10.40
  • Fast Group Start: 11.00

Each group will be organized by a group leader boat plus 3 inflatable boats and accompanied by canoes / paddle

Use of Buoy is Mandatory. Each swimmer will have to have their own signaling buoy.


We have two provisional points available that act as cut-off time due to the needs of the Maritime Traffic of the Ria.

The first 3.5km from the exit with a cut-off time of 1h and 45min.
The second 6.8 km from the exit with a 3 hour cut-off time.
If, for failure to meet the established times or repeated delay in your group, a swimmer is put on a boat, he can no longer return to the race.

You can not throw any waste of the supplies to the sea.

Any person who lags behind will be warned by the Organisation and may be disqualified if it is found that the determined cut-off points will not be reached and will be obliged to get on the boat.

Race Managers and medical personnel may withdraw a swimmer from the competition when they consider that they have reduced physical or technical capabilities as a cause of fatigue, or their conditions are not appropriate to continue on the journey.

Throughout the entire route there will be a “aid” airboat service provided with everything necessary to meet the needs of the participants.
Any external help such as flippers, floats and the like is prohibited. It is MANDATORY to wear a wetsuit.

Race Managers may suspend, shorten, neutralize or stop the race due to safety or force of nature beyond their control (weather, waves, danger of boats, etc.).

The Organization reserves the right to suspend the challenge due to force of nature, under alert from the competent authorities and / or adverse weather events.

If the weather conditions allow it, an alternative route of 5km along the coast will be proposed. (see map)

This regulation can be corrected, modified or improved at any time by the organization, as well as any data, norm or section for an optimal test performance. The fact of registering shows the participant’s compliance with this regulation.

Swimmers will be offered food and drinks to recover from the effort in the following stages of the open water swim.

Aid stations, although being subject to modification during the briefing by each group, will be at 2 stops at km 3.5 and 6.8

Provisions will be given to swimmers by the boats that accompany them at all times.

Provisioning during the swim will consist of:logomarcas CITRUS

  • Isotonic drink bottles. POWERADE AND AQUARIUS.
  • APTONIA Energy bars. 
  • APTONIA Energy Gels. 
  • Bananas.
  • Water.

At the end of the open water swim, a snack will be given before the lunch at 2.30pm (fruit, bars and drinks).

At 2.30pm the food will start in the tent destined for this purpose, within the facilities of the CORUXO F.C.

The organization reserves the right to modify the event, postpone the start or suspend it if, to its judgement, the conditions are dangerous for swimmers the day of the event. If by authorities order, major forces or security reasons, changes should be made in the event or this was cancelled, the Organization has no obligation to compensate the Participant for the inconveniences this event might have cost.

In this case, if climate conditions allow it, an alternative itinerary of 5k will be set around the coast.

It is a 5k route from Bouza Beach up to the Finish line in Vao Beach, going through all the coast line of Vigo.

We hope this is not necessary…  SEE MAP