Islas Cies:

Vigo has a beautiful seaside which makes these sports events a unique experience. So if you stay a couple of days longer in the area, a must are the islands called “Islas Cies” where the triathlon precisely got its name from.

You can only go there by boat, and from the Vigo harbor there are several options. It’s about a half-hour ride and boats go frequently (each hour more or less). On the islands itself are only a couple of small houses, nobody lives there, but the beaches and trails for a walk are extremely beautiful.

In the city of Vigo itself, there are a couple of things to see, this page gives you a good overview:

But all these places are not that spectacular, Vigo is rather a workers city. Much more beautiful, if you’d like to visit a city, is Santiago de Compostela (1 hour car ride from Vigo), see tourist information below.

If you go by car from Vigo direction Bayona, you’ll come by another couple of nice wide beaches, such as “Praya de America” in a village called Nigrán, and then Bayona itself.


Bayona is a lot smaller than Vigo but a lot prettier, about a half hour car ride from Vigo towards the South. It has the castle, the “Parador de Baiona” (see list of luxury hotels) and a cute harbor with sales boats. You may find a nice bar at the seaside promenade and have a coffee enjoying the view. Behind the castle starts what they call the “open Atlantic” and you will notice that the water there is lot more agitated. The coastline is full of rocks, no more beaches, and it gives the impression of the rough sea. If you like this kind of windy strong weather you will enjoy a walk or car ride behind Bayona (towards Portugal). Here are more details about Bayona itself:


Pontevedra is a city about 45 minutes by car from Vigo towards the North. Its city center is nicely renovated with small little streets to have lunch or coffee. It is smaller than Vigo but has its charm. Whereas Vigo is more the industrial city, Pontevedra is rather a student town. Here is some tourist information about Pontevedra:


Santiago is the capital of Galicia, it’s about 1 hour car ride from Vigo towards the North (after Pontevedra). It is known mainly for its cathedral, and for being the destiny of pilger walking the “Camino de Santiago”. It has a lot of historical background around the holy “Santiago”, a big historic city center and an impressive “Parador” (luxury hotel) next to the cathedral. If you are interested in knowing about Galicia, its history and remarkable places where famous people have lived, Santiago is your place. Here is more information about the city:


Vigo is not far from the Portuguese frontier, about half hour ride by car. The people here often go there because things are a lot cheaper there, food as well as good for your household. Places worth visiting are for instance la “Fortaleza de Valença” with small shops and little bars to have lunch, or “Sao Pedro da Torre” a bit further South.