There are a couple of airports in Galicia:

  1. Vigo itself has a small one, to get here you usually have to fly over Madrid.
  2. Porto (or Oporto in Spanish) in Portugal is about 1h15min away by car but is rather big and has a lot of international flights.
  3. There is also an airport in Santiago de Compostela, about an hour by car away, where you also fly in mostly over Madrid.
  4. The same for La Coruña, which is about two hours away by car.

Here are some details for each of these airports.




  • Main airlines: Iberia, Air Nostrum, Vueling, Air Europa, Ryanair, TAP Portugal
  • Taxi: 20 – 30 Euros to the center of Vigo, you take them outside the airport.
  • Bus to the center: L9A (during the week every half hour and Sundays every hour),




  • Main airlines: TAP Portugal, easyJet, Ryanair, Lufthansa, Transavia, Iberia, SATA, EverJets, Air Transat, TACV, Air Europa, Luxair, Swiss Airlines, Turkish Airlines
  • Bus to Vigo: Autna, 15 Euros per person, for bicycles please call them beforehand.
  • Train to Vigo: In theory there is a train but it takes more than two hours. You have to go to Oporto center first, and then take a local train to Vigo. The Bus is more efficient.




  • Main airlines: Iberia, Air Nostrum, Air Europa, Ryanair, easyJet, Air Lingus, Swiss Airlines, Lufthansa
  • Taxi: it’s about an hour to Vigo, so probably around 80 to 100 Euros.
  • Bus to Vigo: not that easy, not really any practical option to Vigo.
  • Train to Vigo: The train goes from the city center, about 20 minutes by taxi from the airport. The train takes then 1:30 hours to Vigo center.




  • Main airlines: Iberia, Air Europa, Vueling, TAP Portugal
  • Train to Vigo: the best option to go with public transport from La Coruña to Vigo is probably the train, It takes about 2 hours.