Distance: 1.9k

The 1.9k of swimming are done along an itinerary of buoys in Vao’s Beach similar to the one drawn in the map. 

The water temperature is around 18 degrees Celcius and wetsuits are allowed.

Time cut: 1,10h after start.



Distance: 90k

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The bicycle tour of approximately 90k, consists of four laps in a road closed to traffic along the coast line between Vao’s Beach in Coruxo (Vigo) and the town of La Ramallosa.

A practically flat road, participants can enjoy a fast course of great beauty.

It is mandatory to cycle through the right lane of the road, which will be signed posted all the way. Traffic is closed in both ways.

Judges will be placed along the whole road.

An aid station, with water and isotonic drinks, has been placed in the circuit so that each triathlete can pick up drinks up to 4 times during the race. This aid station will be located at the turning point in La Ramallosa, km11.

Aid Station details.


(Time cut: 5h40m after start race. 4h40m to start 3rd lap, km67)

Route 1.619.837 – powered by www.bikemap.net


Distance : 21.1k

3 laps starting from Vao Beach in direction to Vigo through the road beside the beach, 

There will be two aid stations by lap, in km 0 and km3.5.

Aid Station details


In the last lap, when arriving to the roundabout, turn left to cross finish line, parallel to Boxes Area.

(Itinerary may be modified by the organization due to authority’s demand at any time)

Route 1.987.249 – powered by www.bikemap.net

foto vao samil